About Us

VECO Vietnam is a member of Vredeseilanden, an international NGO with its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. VECO stands for VredesEilanden Country Office. For more than 30 years, we have worked continuously to achieve one goal: a better deal for farmers.

Our mission

VECO envisions a world with production and consumption systems that allow poverty and hunger to be eradicated and that do not burden our planet more than it can bear. Therefore, VECO enables and supports smallholder farmers to take up their role in rural poverty alleviation and to contribute to feeding a growing world population in a sustainable way.

In 2017, VECO Vietnam started a 5-year programme named “Supporting Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural Value Chain development benefitting smallholder farmers in Vietnam”.

Our specific objective is that “Fruits and vegetables, rice, and tea in Vietnam are produced in safe and sustainable ways and marketed through viable, competitive and efficient chains benefitting smallholder producers.”

Our priorities

In order to do so, we aim to contribute to what we call structural change agendas or changes at the structural level that can have a wide-ranging impact. For the programme 2017-2021, our interventions will focus on two priorities:

  • The promotion of sustainable and safe food policies tackling safe vegetables production, consumption and marketing that benefit smallholder farmers;
  • The mainstreaming of inclusive business models and practices for sustainable rice across the Vietnamese rice subsector.

In addition, VECO Vietnam is the National Coordinator for Vietnam of the project “Mainstreaming Sustainable Management of Tea Production Landscapes” managed by Rainforest Alliance and funded by the Global Environment Fund. The project is running from December 2015 to March 2018.

Our history

Vredeseilanden is the result of the 2001 merger of three Belgian development organizations: Vredeseilanden, FADO and COOPIBO. Each brought their own experiences, expertise, resources and geographical specializations to the table, and together they decided to continue under the name Vredeseilanden.

Through FADO, one of the three original organizations, Vredeseilanden has more than 20 years' experience working in Vietnam. FADO had been active in Vietnam since 1994, mainly in the fields of mangrove reforestation, providing microcredits and agriculture. VECO Vietnam has worked in a wide variety of sectors and provinces, but always with a primary focus on promoting farmers’ food security and on supporting the sustainable development of specific agricultural chains.

For more information, visit VECO International's website page dedicated to the history of our organisation.